KR3 Wood Bats 4 Sale
Maple Magnum, Eagle Magnum, Hickory Magnum, and Pro KR3 Maple Wood Bats
Just the Best Maple Composite and all Maple Wood Bats for the Serious Baseball Player
For Youth, High School, College, Independent Leagues and Adult Baseball Around the World

KR3  Pro Maple
Maple birch compositewood bat 3 month warranty by KR3
Maple Magnum
Maple birch composite wood bat 3 month warranty by KR3 
Maple Magnum
Maple  composite wood bat 2 month warranty by KR3
Eagle Magnum
Maple  composite wood bat 2 month warranty by KR3
Eagle Magnum

Eagle Magnum

Hickory Magnum


Hit Jack-it Bat Weight Training System Increase Bat Speed

Maple Wood Bats 4 Sale

Spring 2017

New Hickory Magnum
M271 & i13  6 month warranty

Vulcan Bat Grip

Shirt Shield Shoulder and Elbow Protection

Pelican Bat Wax

Composite Wood Maple Bats

Lizard Skin Batting Gloves


One Man Soft Toss
Automatic Ball Spitter

Baseball Wallet Made from Real
 baseball Leather and Red Thread


Two Hands Field Tranier
how to use two_hands two hands field trainer 

Teaches you how the Pros use two hands


Glovelocks for
Baseball and Softball Gloves
Glove Lace Locks

Coming Soon
More Baseball Accessories


Lizard Skin Bat Grip

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Demo Bats available here in Portland call for swing test